Embedded System, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI, Robotics, Automated Industry, Android & Web Designing.

Workshops & Seminars

Just by looking at where we are today, we can already see how powerful technology has been in shaping our world. Demand for advanced techniques and high level IT-Developments has

Een studie uitgevoerd aan de Universiteit van Duitse Bohum werd gepubliceerd in het Publicatie “Magazine of Seksueel Gedrag”. 964 paren werden gebruikt als een onderwerp van studie, de gemiddelde leeftijd van mannen waarin 51 jaar oud was. Snel was er een verband tussen de emotionele instabiliteit van de partner en plezier van partner van seks: dan een onstabiele vrouw in een paar, hoe meer als een man sex.

an impact on students. Where there is need to improve their skill set. We Innostem Edunce Edlabs, provide all the necessary platform to update their skill set at our work place. In order to advance in this technological era we support every students of us in all the instance and provide all the required elements. So that they will learn with ease and feel confident. We believe in application based creative learning with real time hands on experience. So we have come up with Workshop program
Technology is developing at a very fast pace and each day, we come to know about new Technology Hardware and software. This is the era where the students need to act proactively and be prepared for the upcoming challenges. This is not possible without personal & professional training which should be a part of their curriculum. Industrial Visits, Workshops and Seminars fuel their imagination & strengthen their future innovation. The department constantly organizes these events to upgrade the students’ knowledge with the latest technical knowhow.

Technical Workshops

  • Our technical workshops ensures that students should have hands-on experience, so that they can derive benefits during the placements
  • Technological world is dynamic in nature and it is very necessary for us to provide them a virtual workplace environment to enhance their resolving skills
  • Faculty Development Program (FDP) are also conducted with the aim of equipping faculty members with required knowledge and skills


  • Experience matters during crucial situations, so conversation with experts provides an outlook of the industry and how to perform better than others in every critical situation
  • The understanding of the unknown facts of the industries helps our students to present the best during the placement drives
  • Seminars give the opportunities of cross questioning so that Students can clarify their doubts
  • Department organizes frequent technical talks from the industry resource persons to gain the knowledge of cutting edge technologies.