Boot Camp

Bootcamp For School Kids

Details: Bootcamp is a weeklong Robotics Camp which involves individual and group activities. Bootcamp engages students which helps them to interact and learn while having fun. All the students will be provided with a multipurpose Robotics Kit Package including a Robotic Kit Hardware and Software.

This is ideal for students in Standard 3 or above.

What Students will Learn & Do?

  • Robotics and Basics of Electronics.
  • STEM Concepts
  • Completing 7 Different Activities including 4 types of Robots
  • Programming
  • Working in Teams
  • Competitions
  • And Lots of Fun
Bootcamps help your young engineer develop his or her interest, skills and knowledge in this discipline and related technology. Robotics kids camps across the provinces encourage problem-solving skills, acquisition of programming languages and other related skills. Find camps that offer an intensive robotics curriculum listed below. Further down the page are camps that feature some robotics activities among a broader curriculum, and further below that are more details for parents.
IEE Labs Bootcamp Program is the Robotics Training Camp exclusively for school students from Class 5 to 12 which aims at teaching from basics of Electronics & Programming to latest emerging technologies with a very strong and fun hands-on experience by building Robots.

Boot Camp


  • Knowledge to work with basic electronics
  • Circuit building & Arduino Programming
  • Improvements in Problem Solving ability
  • Understanding the importance of Science
  • Interest towards Robotics and Engineering
A very elaborate kit of components required to build the robot will be provided to a team of 3 students. Necessary resources such as theory booklets, practice handouts, necessary software, online tutorials and other resource materials will be made available to the students.