Summer Camp

Why attend a STEM summer program?

STEM camps teach hard skills for future careers, and foster valuable 21st-century life skills like problem-solving, creativity, and collaboration.
With over 400,000 alumni, we are uniquely qualified to embolden students to shape the future—making us the world’s #1 STEM summer destination for kids and teens.

As the demand for talented coders, game developers, robotics engineers, and designers continues to increase, more and more families are turning to IEE Labs Flourish Program for world-class STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education via summer programs.

IEE Labs Robotics Summer Camp for School Students

IEE Labs Robotics Summer Camp serves as an effective platform for the school students to take their first steps in robotics and it provides them ideal duration to learn robotics right from the basics and build robots practically. By this way, you can get your kids started in Robotics in a very cost effective manner. School students can either learn to build robots from their home with the help of IEE Labs manual and0020they can learn from our experts by attending a trainer-led robotics summer camp. You can also organize our Robotics Summer Camps in your school/ community and our trainers will be there with the kits and necessary materials to help your children to build robots. Following an innovative Learn-Do-Review methodology, these courses engage your kid through practical learning while teaching them the technical concepts behind the robotics technology. There are also a number of quizzes to keep their brain working, thinking and asking right questions. With all the things in the right place, our school level robotics summer camps are sure to give a great start to your kid’s journey in robotics.

Why Robotics Summer Camp for School Students?

Summer holidays provide the ideal time for the school students to learn and build awesome robotics projects. Joining robotics summer camp helps school students to learn robotics right from the basics and provides enough time for them to analyze their learning and apply them practically on to working projects. These hands-on robotics summer camps not only help school students to spend their summer vacation productively, it will also help them to acquire more practical knowledge on the robotics technology, which is finding it’s way into all major industrial applications.
Joining such robotics summer camps also help students to develop much needed competencies like critical thinking, structural thinking, creativity and problem solving abilities which are hard to learn through conventional classroom sessions.


IEE Labs Robotics Summer Camps for School Students are developed keeping this in mind to deliver the right content in the right way. The Robotics Kits specially designed for School Students along with the detailed theory – in videos for online course or from trainer in workshops – help school students to understand the technical concepts while building with the kits. IEE Labs Robotics Summer Camps are designed in a way to keep school students engaged right from the beginning through theoretical sessions and practical training, providing them the right mix of learning and fun.
You should get your kid started on robotics as early as you can and IEE Labs Summer Camp on Robotics for School Students provide the right path for you to do this.
Campers learn a range of programming and design concepts to create their own modern day robots! They learn about the latest robotics technology being developed in computer science labs. A number of camps are put on by labs or universities with advanced programming already in place. The instructors at these camps are highly experienced and skilled in robotics.
Campers at some robotics camps participate in a final contest to showcase their robotic inventions and hi-tech designs and if student’s inventions are good enough they may even qualify for broader competition and recognition. Limited financial assistance may be available at some camps for students who have a high academic standing and financial need.
While robotics is the main subject at specialized robotics camps listed here, each student is also given an introduction to multiple disciplines. There are also some camps that focus more broadly on mechanical engineering, software programming and electronics. All of these are very relevant to robotics, of course.