IoT-LAB can be used for educational purpose for Schools Engineering and Universities and for student projects or practical courses on wireless sensor networks or Internet of Things.


  • At least one reference teacher must have an IoT-LAB account and have accepted the charter.
  • The reference teacher must contact, at least one month in advance, the IoT-LAB administrators by email to reserve a complete site during some courses period. The acceptance of the reservation is given according to the schedule of use for research or maintenance activities.
  • The IoT-LAB administrators will generate a set of automatic generic accounts for students. These accounts will be used during class by the students
  • The practical courses using FIT IoT-LAB will be cited in the list below with a web link when it is possible. You can also put a short description of the courses on the IoT-LAB wiki
This Internet of Things (IoT) workshop begins by showing you how to use Windows 10 IoT Core to connect sensors and devices. You will then be shown how to connect a device to the Cloud. Next you will be shown how to leverage Microsoft Azure services to collect data and control devices. Finally, you will be shown how to use advanced services like analytics and machine learning to gain insights using your devices.