3d Printer

The consumer and hobbyist 3D printer market expanded rapidly with the introduction of two electronics boards; the Arduino Mega 2560 and RAMPS. Rambo, consolidates the two boards into one and integrates all of the necessary components for printing.


Controller boards are the brains of your 3D printer, powering everything from your motors to your hot end. The processing power of your controller board can play a large role in how detailed your prints come out, especially for non-cartesian machines like delta printers.

The board market is quickly expanding to accommodate things like more motors, faster processors, and WIFI capabilities. In this post, we’ll be going through some of the most popular and powerful boards on the market today.

32 Bit 3D Printer Boards are becoming more and more common. With recent firmware releases and new developments x32 3d printer boards are the new trend in 3D Printer control. These boards have more powerful processing power and operate the machine with more capabilities. Here is a brief overview comparison of 32-Bit 3D Printer Boards we have been watching evolve.


We tried to find the most available boards in the market. The prices are based on USD Retail Prices as of Jan 2018 and if the boards were shields, we factored in the additional hardware needed. The layout displays some basic specs that may be of interest when shopping for a 32 Bit 3D Printer board and keep in mind most heater and fan ports are interchangeable depending on the mosfet rating. Additional fans and other components can be added to spare pins but we left that out of this comparison.